Removing Stains Has Never Been So Easy

Droplets of wine on a carpet are no match for the professional and skilled workers at All Convention Cleaners.

With summer here, we can expect the more than usual in and out traffic that builds up on carpet! Of course, there are some preventive measures we can take, but we all know that sooner or later those ugly stains will be waiving at you and your guest eventually. Calling a professional cleaner weekly or monthly can get costly. We much rather save that for summer vacations and possibly mini staycations.
The number one preventive measure is, no shoes in the house! It would be great if life could be that simple. Getting children and adults to get with the program can be a daunting task. Here are a few things you can do to things you can do to prevent and get up those ugly spots that may not necessarily require professional cleaning. Remember, it’s not only messy stains that come with leaving shoes on, its also bacteria and toxins that could be harmful to your family.

  1. Hang a neat sign on the door or get a door mat.
  2. Purchase your child’s favorite character slipper at the front door with a mat next to it for them to put their shoes.
  3. Have a basket at the front door with socks o for your guest to put on. The dollar store has a lot of nice ones around the holidays. People aren’t always comfortable putting on shoes others have worn.

Now for the dirt:

  1. Grease cutting detergent & water in a spray bottle works wonders! Spray away and then blot.  After drying, run the vacuum cleaner and voila!
  2. Dry carpet cleaning products are great to have around as well for some of those spots with hard dirt build up. Sprinkle carpet cleaner work the cleaner into the carpet with a brush and vacuum the area!
  3. For small spills such as wine or beer, club soda and blotting often gets the job done!

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